Hope Outreach MinistriesFounded in 1998, Hope Center is located in the Oak Park area of Douglas, Georgia in Coffee County.  There are approximately 4,000 people who live in this area.  Hope Center provides services to children and their families. There is no charge for any of the services that we provide.

The Oak Park area would best be described  as a distressed neighborhood much like you would find in a larger population.  It is an inner-city situation, but in a smaller population.

3 out of every 10 calls to the Coffee County 911 Center are from the Oak Park area. Oak Park has the highest rate of criminal activity in our county, especially violent crimes and drug related offenses.  In the past few years there have been 8 murders.  Five of those murders occurred within 100 yards of Hope Center.  Our community draws drug buyers from through-out the region.

Many of the families we are involved with live in extreme poverty (less than $6,000 a year), and 85% of the children live in a home without a father.

According to the Georgia Council on Child Abuse, a child is a victim of abuse every 30 minutes in the state of Georgia.  Our community is no exception.  We see it first hand.  Everyone is affected by the lives of those children who came from homes where there is emotional, physical and material deprivation.  Children who rank lowest on gauges of social well being come from communities such as ours.

Most of these children live in rented trailers.  Their parents pay $75.00 a week, many times taking half of their monthly income to live in a trailer with inadequate septic and water systems that have a market value of less than $500.  This is a community in general disrepair that has few streetlights and few paved streets. For a child to reach his full potential in such an environment is very difficult to say the least.  We tutor many on a continual basis who are struggling to keep up in school.  We, at Hope Center, are doing all we can to ensure that children are safe, fed, educated and live in adequate housing.

Though our main purpose is to give spiritual and moral guidance to young people, we have an understanding of the social needs of people.  If people are hungry, you feed them.  If they need clothes, you provide them.  If they need housing, you help them.  If an adult doesn’t know how to read, you teach them.  Most people are not looking for a hand-out, but a hand up.  Many times it is as simple as showing someone how to go from welfare to the workplace, or from being a High School drop out to being a graduate.

We, at Hope Center, solicit your prayers and financial support.  With a limited  budget and volunteers we strive to bring a message of hope to those who struggle with the basic needs of life.

We offer:

  • After School Program
  • Tutoring
  • GED classes
  • Conflict Resolution Classes
  • Daily Bible Classes
  • Hot Evening Meals daily
  • Laundry facilities
  • Field Trips
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention
  • Parenting Classes
  • 7 week Summer Program
  • Christmas
  • Drama Classes
  • Choir Classes
  • Work & Learn Program
  • Housing Assistance
  • Food Distributions
  • Clothing Assistance

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